These are examples. Other rates may apply depending on contracts. Rates in some contracts go up every year.

Contact SAG-AFTRA at (323) 549-6864 for more information.


















SAG-AFTRA Overtime Examples


Theatrical, Television, and Commercials

·         1 ½ times for 9th and 10th hour, double time beyond 10 hours.


Music Videos (over $200K)

·         1 ½ times after 12 hours

·         Rehearsal day: $41/hour after 8 hours



SAG-AFTRA Hazard Pay Examples


Television and Theatrical

·         Minimum $100, or $80 per day



·         First Day $190.25

·         Each additional day $123.65


Music videos

·         Over $200K = $80/day

·         Under $200K = $40/day



SAG-AFTRA dues can be put on hold!

If you are SAG-AFTRA and you anticipate a long time frame in which you will not be doing a SAG or AFTRA job (for example, if you are going on a tour for a year), you can call the offices and put your membership on hold.  Instead of wasting your money paying dues when your are not working for the unions, you can be excused from paying by "freezing" your membership.  This also saves you from negligently not paying your dues, in which case you would lose your membership and have to start the admission process from the beginning (including the hefty initiation fee!).


Non-union projects are not completely off limits to union members!

If you are SAG-AFTRA and you hear about an upcoming project that is non-union that you would like to audition for, call the unions for the following reasons: 

         a)  There is a possibility that the production company has a special agreement with the unions, in which case the unions will tell you that you can still audition for the project. 

         b)  The unions can attempt to convert the project into union status.  Non-union projects have become union in the past, but the only way that can happen is if you tell the unions about the project in the first place!