Selena Gomez Music Video Casting

In April 2016, rates posted on Direct Casting for a Selena Gomez music video were $225 plus a $175 buyout. Those rates fell severely under Dancers Alliance standards. In response, DA posted an alert on Instagram, instructing dancers not to self-submit and to stand with both the agencies and DA in working for a rate increase. The DA community shared that post on social media hundreds of times and casting responded with a rate increase of  $400 plus a $175 buyout, still below DA rates. 

The following day, production stealthily sent out a separate casting call under the alias "NASHVILLE BAND" (code words for Selena) with similar specs and rates. Agencies received conflicting information --some said dancers would be paid DA rates; others said they would not. After more pressure from DA via social media posts, even showing up at the casting and informing dancers directly, we spread the word that the project was not up to standards, and the rates were increased. The casting director came down to the casting and informed everyone the rate was now $550 plus a $175 buyout, along with an agency fee.

This was a huge victory for the DA dance community. Thank you to everyone involved and a special thank you to Selena Gomez and her team for recognizing our worth!