Despite the rise in demand for dancers in film, television and music, the dance community continues to receive low pay on both large and small scale projects. 5, 6, 7, R8! (pronounced 5,6,7,RATE!) is DA's newest campaign dedicated to increasing our rates.


Part of the problem is that dancers often accept work for little to or no payment, thus giving producers little incentive to increase wages. At the same time, dancers have become tolerant of poor working conditions.


Dancers Alliance rates remained stagnant since the 1990’s and 567R8! is a means to raise awareness about this shocking reality and garner support for an immediate and subsequent yearly increase of non­union dancer rates. This would make our rates comparable to actors and musicians, who receive yearly salary increases to compensate for inflation and the rising cost of living.


The question DA asks is this: How can we encourage and empower dancers so that they don’t feel pressured into doing a job for little to no pay?


As a jumping off point for this campaign, DA decided to hone in on the SAG­-AFTRA Music Video Contract. This is a project that affects the majority of our dance community and the contract is up for renegotiation this year. We hope to negotiate better rates, conditions, and language regarding new media such as Vevo, where music videos generate substantial revenue. However, we need the support of dancers everywhere by showing through our actions that we will not accept anything less than fair pay. If dancers continue to work for less, they will continue to get unfair compensation and treatment.


Although the music video contract negotiation is only the tip of the iceberg, it represents a much larger picture. Success in these negotiations would be a huge step towards creating an empowered community.


Join us as we unite to fight for fair wages. Join us in saying, “ACT YOUR WAGE!”.

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